Our Bengal Cat Kings


Brown Rosetted Bengal

Born April 2018. We are so thankful to have this stunning male Bengal as a part of our cattery and home. Spartacus has huge contrasted rosettes that fit closely together, classifying him as a "clouded" Bengal. A highly desirable pattern that is difficult to find! Spartacus has a gorgeous sleek and silky glitter coat with a golden base color. His bright round eyes, horizontal striping alongside the eyes ("mascara marks") and wide nose are just some of the sought after Bengal cat features according to TICA breed standards. Spartacus is a sweet boy with such a loving personality. He is intelligent, curious, playful and and always enjoys a snuggle. He is sure to pass on many of these wonderful traits to his offspring!


Snow Lynx Rosetted Bengal

Born December 2019. All the way from Ukraine, Jon Snow is a special addition to our cattery. What stood out to me the second I met him in person was his size! He is pure white with defined rosettes, a super silky coat and of course those stunning light blue eyes that snow lynx Bengals are known for. To top it off, Jon Snow is as sweet as pie. He is very playful, curious, intelligent, friendly and social. We could not be happier with him! Jon Snow consistently produces very large, outstanding kittens! 

Jon Snow (left), Snow White (right)

Jon Snow (left), Snow White (right)

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