Sample Kitten Agreement

I. Date and Parties

THIS AGREEMENT made the ____ day of __________________, 20____ between:

Name: _____________________     Address: ___________________________________

Phone: _____________________     Email: ____________________________________

(Hereinafter known as the “Buyer”) and

Name: _____________________     Address: ___________________________________

(Hereinafter known as the “Seller”).

II. Purchase Price & Description

The Buyer agrees to purchase, for the sum of $_________________ (US Dollars), the following cat or kitten from the Seller:

Name (if any): _______________________      Breed: __________________________

Date of Birth: ________________________      Sex: ____________________________

Color: ______________________________     Registration (#): ___________________

Dam: ______________________________      Sire: ____________________________

State of Health: _________________________________________________________

Date Releasable: _____________________

Kitten/cat purchased as:     ____ Pet (must be altered to receive Breeder Slip)

                                      ____ Breeder

III. Date of Sale

The sale of the cat or kitten shall occur on the ____ day of __________________, 20____ with either:

☐ - A deposit being made in the amount of $_________________ (US Dollars) on the date of this agreement that will be credited towards the purchase price.

☐ - No deposit.

On the date of sale, the monetary funds shall be delivered to the Seller and the cat or kitten shall transfer possession to the Buyer. Any outside or other arrangements made by the Buyer and Seller will not be recognized unless stated in this agreement.




(Initial beside each statement after reading to show that you agree)


____ Buyer agrees to have the kitten/cat examined by their Veterinarian within 3 business days after receiving kitten/cat and immediately report any findings that are questionable. If a diagnosis of disease other than stress-induced minor upper respiratory infection is made, the Buyer agrees to provide a written report, signed by the examining licensed veterinarian, including the diagnosis and all test results the diagnosis is based upon.


____ Buyer agrees that Seller has the First Right of Refusal. Buyer will never sell, lease or give this kitten/cat to any pet store or research lab.


____ Buyer accepts all responsibility to care for this cat/kitten including: providing a clean environment with plenty of room to exercise, food, clean water, medical care, love and affection.





We guarantee that this kitten/cat is a purebred Bengal and is eligible for registration through TICA.


The kitten/cat will have received all age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming, testing for PRA and PKD, neuter/spay (if kitten/cat is purchased as a pet), as well as a microchip implant. The microchip must be registered by the Buyer once he/she has received the kitten/cat. A copy of the kitten/cat’s health record will be provided to the Buyer at the time of purchase.


The Seller, Ashley Sanchez of Bengaltopia, provides a 72-hour limited health warranty that the above kitten/cat is in good health and is free from upper respiratory infections, fleas and worms. The Seller also guarantees that the kitten is free of the feline leukemia virus (FeLV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) at the time of purchase. If the Buyer chooses to inoculate for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), the health-warranty will be null and void.


In order to validate this warranty, the kitten/cat must be evaluated by a licensed veterinarian within the first 72 hours of purchase, at the Buyer's expense. The Buyer must notify the Seller of any claim under the warranty immediately. Any necessary treatment or other expenses must be authorized by the Seller prior to treatment.


This kitten/cat is guaranteed against congenital defects for one full calendar year. Should the kitten/cat die within one year of the date of purchase due to a congenital defect, the Seller will replace said kitten/cat with one of similar or better quality. To determine if the kitten/cat’s death has been caused by a congenital defect, the Seller must receive proof of the defect in the form of a complete necropsy report, completed by a licensed veterinarian and performed at the Buyer's expense.


If this kitten/cat is found to have been neglected by the buyer, in ill health or if the Buyer does not abide by the terms of this contract, the Buyer will surrender said kitten/cat to the Seller unconditionally.


The Seller will provide the Buyer with the kitten/cat's TICA (The International Cat Association) pedigree registration papers at the time of purchase or in a timely manner. The kitten/cat's litter will be registered with TICA at the Seller’s expense; the resulting Breeder Slip will be provided to the Buyer to be used to register the kitten/cat individually. If the Buyer chooses to register the kitten/cat individually, he/she is responsible for any additional registration fees.





In the event that the Buyer’s veterinarian has questionable findings within the first 72 hours of purchase, deeming the kitten/cat to be in poor health, the veterinarian must provide a written report explaining his/her findings, signed by the examining veterinarian. The report must include the diagnosis and all test results the diagnosis is based upon. Said kitten/cat may then be returned to the Seller within seven days and the Buyer awarded equal credit towards another kitten/cat of similar or better quality. The Buyer will be responsible for any shipping costs.


The Buyer agrees to provide the kitten/cat daily with proper nutrition, fresh water, adequate space for exercise and a sanitary environment conducive to good health. At least one litter box will be provided for each cat in the household and will be cleaned daily. The kitten/cat will not be caged unless absolutely necessary for the kitten/cat’s safety or health.


The Buyer will provide the kitten/cat with proper veterinary care, vaccinations and companionship.


The Buyer agrees that the kitten/cat will live indoors only and will not allow the kitten/cat to roam outdoors unsupervised.


The Buyer will not declaw the kitten/cat. De-clawing is a violation of this contract.


The Buyer will not, under any circumstances, give, sell, or lease the kitten/cat to any animal shelter, research facility, laboratory, pet store, or other commercial or noncommercial enterprise. In the event that the Buyer can no longer care for the kitten/cat, the Seller will be contacted directly to assist in the re-placement of the animal.




The Seller will not be held liable for any veterinary, health care or other costs incurred while the kitten/cat is in possession of the Buyer, except as provided for by the above limited warranty.

The Seller's maximum liability to the Buyer for any and all losses, claims, damages, or liability of any kind shall be limited to the amount paid by the Buyer to the Seller under this agreement. Any expenses for health care requested of the Seller by the Buyer will be paid at the discretion of the Seller. If the Buyer fails to comply with any aspect of this agreement, the Buyer forfeits any rights the Buyer may otherwise have.


If legal proceedings become necessary, the Buyer agrees that all legal and/or court procedures take place in the county which the Seller resides.



By signing below, the parties of the Buyer and the Seller indicate that they have read and agree with all of the provisions of the above contract.


Buyer Signature: ­­­­­­­_________________________________    Date: _______________

Seller Signature: ­­­­­­­_________________________________    Date: _______________


Bengaltopia reserves the right to refuse the sale of any kitten/cat to any individual at any time, as our first concern is for the well-being of the kitten/cat.